Employee Wellbeing


Improving and developing employees' occupational health and wellbeing is an increasingly important part of sustainable business success. 

London Training Consultancy offers an evidence-based employee training programme designed to improve wellbeing and effectiveness in the workplace. This is achieved through the use of the latest psychological skills training techniques, which help individuals to get more out of their job, increase their job satisfaction and contribute more to their workplace. 

Many people experience stress, disillusionment and burnout at work. If your business is experiencing high rates of staff turnover, it may be because employees feel under-valued and unconnected from your organisational objectives. Workplace training programmes can be designed to meet your business needs, and are useful for businesses seeking to develop and retain the loyalty of employees.

Psychological coaching involves guiding clients to implement new life and workplace strategies, which help people align their business, life and career goals.

Our wellbeing training programme is designed to:

  • Reduce stress and burnout, while increasing job satisfaction
  • Cultivate employee self-awareness and motivation
  • Help employees to align their roles with business values
  • Deliver improvements in workplace effectiveness
  • Promote better working relationships and team-building