How we work


London Training Consultancy delivers tailored training and coaching solutions to match the needs of our clients.

We specialise in streamlining training, values, mission and organisational strategy. This often begins with a training needs analysis and evaluation, after which we deliver bespoke services that benefit from a clear, connected methodology.

  Our organisational capacity-building model:  'Enhanced Experiential Learning' flows through everything we do.

Our organisational capacity-building model: 'Enhanced Experiential Learning' flows through everything we do.

Some examples of the kinds of projects we implement are given below.

Enhancing training through experiential learning

Our training programmes all rely upon 'Experiential Learning', which differs from traditional classroom style training. This is proven to improve attention, engagement and training outcomes through the promotion of psychological flexibility at all levels of an organisation. We build 'Active Practice' into all our programmes. This is an essential component of our approach that improves workplace outcomes dramatically, and makes the training experience memorable, personally transformational and enjoyable for all.

Supercharging leaders through expert feedback

Our coaching activities combine different elements such as psychometric testing, shadowing, observation and one-to-one feedback. Our coaching programmes share a common methodology which is proven to promote flexible thinking, change behaviours and improve leadership skills. Although you will usually be coached by a single individual, we draw upon the expertise of a Multi-Disciplinary Panel of business experts, trainers and coaches who discuss your case in confidence (your name remains anonymous) after each session. This unique approach ensures you will receive much more attention than typical one-to-one coaching.

Building the capacity of in-house trainers

We work with companies to build their internal training capacity. Certified train the trainer programmes deliver essential psychological skills training to employees, which makes organisational behaviour change affordable and sustainable for businesses of any size. We offer continued ongoing support to in-house trainers. Our programmes will ensure that your organisation will benefit at a much deeper level than any organisation that they would as a 'recipient'

Helping those who normally get left behind

Often, when organisations undergo significant change they can experience high rates of absenteeism and presentism in the workplace. Stress increases and burnout occurs, costing organisations dearly in terms of recruitment and training. Employees who struggle to keep up with change, or who may have different learning styles can get left behind, and attrition rates can rise. However, often these individuals benefit from a short series of sessions with coaches or counsellors and they may return to work more focused and motivated than ever before. We offer a confidential Employee Assistance Programme service to work with those businesses that see value in caring for employees who may be suffering setbacks in their career or private lives.